National Capital Tinting

National Capital Tinting has a history of quality, service and innovation in the Australian market, and are industry leaders because of our consistent commitment to these qualities. For 40 years, National Capital Tinting has been installing tinting to Australian's cars, homes and helping hundreds of small business owners tinting needs.

We estimate that the National Capital Tinting business has tinted millions of cars in it's 40 year history and has helped Australian's own and build successful National Capital Tinting businesses.

ALL our Automotive and Residential window films are good enough to have a lifetime warranty giving you complete peace of mind. In-line with our Lifetime warranty's, we're so sure you'll be happy with the result when you have your car or home tinted by National Capital Tinting, and if you're not, we'll gladly remove the tinting and refund your money in full.

The World's Most Advanced Window Film

MEP Films manufactured by CP Films is the world's most best selling brand of window film. With a complete range of automotive, commercial, residential, architectural, safety/security, anti-graffiti and decorative window films.

Installed throughout Australia by a professional network of film installers, MEP Films greatly enhance the look, functionality, comfort and energy efficiency of windows - helping to conserve energy, and providing control over the environment.



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